Sri Chinmoy’s motto has always been self-transcendence, he therefore was very enthusiastic about the Impossibilty Challenger Games which were established some 20 years ago in Zurich. The newest edition took place in Dachau near Munich and showed again that there are no limits in achieving a record. Some participants came to do a personal record, such as Swiss musician Adesh Widmer who played his sitar for 12 hours. Another most inspiring record – and this time it is even a world record – comes from Eckhard Schröder, a 45-year old banker from Germany who recited 1900 of Sri Chinmoy’s poems by heart, which took him 24 hours. Others choose more physical performances such as juggling with chain saws or bending a horse shoe with the teeth. All together 16 world records and 8 personal records have been set.

The activites in this clip are carried out by highly skilled people who have trained very carefully for this event; some would be dangerous without the necessary skill or additional protection. We hope you find this report inspiring, but please do not try any dangerous activities at home.

Edit & Camera: Kedar Misani
Music: Parichayaka Hammerl