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November 15, 2017

Sri Chinmoy on the significance of the Peace Run

During an interview about the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy explains the goals and inspiration behind the Peace Run; he explains how he was inspired to serve humanity in helping to achieve world peace through this and other endeavours.
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November 15, 2017

Mahiyan – playing tennis with Sri Chinmoy

After joining Sri Chinmoy’s Path, Mahiyan Savage frequently played tennis with his Guru, Sri Chinmoy – who had a great fondness for the game. In this video, Mahiyan recalls some of the epic games and experiences whilst playing tennis. Read more »

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November 8, 2017

Oneness-Dream in Reykjavik

Six years after their country wide tour through Iceland, the acapella group Oneness-Dream came back to Reykjavik in October 2017 for a unique concert in the Frikirkjan Church. This video captures some of the highlights from this soulful performance. Read more »

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October 31, 2017

Sri Chinmoy on sports and inner peace

During an interview about the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy comments on the importance of physical fitness for our body to be able to keep our inner inspiration.
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October 31, 2017

Hemabha – coming to the path

Hemabha talks about her unique path and story which led her to become a student of Sri Chinmoy. Born in Korea, Hemabha explored many aspects of life and sought a deeper meaning to life. While living in London, she came to some meditation classes given by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.


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October 20, 2017

Sri Chinmoy on his spiritual path

In this compilation of various interviews, Sri Chinmoy offers a succint explanation of the essential aspects of a spiritual life. Sri Chinmoy also talks about the role of a spiritual teacher and his role in inspiring followers and disciples. These tv interviews range from the early 1970s, to the mid 2000s.
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October 20, 2017

The value of service

Vasudha talks about the value of service in the spiritual life. She explains the importance of service on Sri Chinmoy’s path and explains the motivation behind putting on a large sporting event in her home city of San Diego.

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About Sri Chinmoy

More about Sri Chinmoy »

  • Sri Chinmoy – a short biography

    Sri Chinmoy – a short biography

    Sri Chinmoy – a short biography. A three minute summary of Sri Chinmoy’s life.

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  • Sri Chinmoy on the basics of meditation

    Sri Chinmoy on the basics of meditation

    Sri Chinmoy offers suggestions on the basics of meditation, such as correct sitting posture, eye position, how to breathe and purify the breath. Sri Chinmoy also explains two different ways of silencing the mind. This video will be very useful for any beginner to meditation.

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  • Sri Chinmoy speaks about his Art

    Sri Chinmoy speaks about his Art

    In this short extract from an interview on The Way To Go, Sri Chinmoy comments about his spiritual art, called Jharna-Kala, or “Fountain-Art”. Sri Chinmoy describes how creativity can come from our mind and emotions or from our heart and soul.

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  • Peace message by Sri Chinmoy

    Peace message by Sri Chinmoy

    In August 1993, Sri Chinmoy attended the finish of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in Manhattan, New York. After meditating on the Peace Torch flame, Sri Chinmoy offered a message of peace.

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Meditation videos

May 23, 2005

Sri Chinmoy meditates at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, 2004

Sri Chinmoy was officially invited to hold the opening meditation at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Barcelona on July 7th, 2004. After being introduced, he gave a silent meditation and continued by playing on his favorite instrument, the Indian esraj. About 5,000 people were present in and around the auditorium for his beautiful performance. Read more »

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January 29, 2017

Sri Chinmoy: Samadhi

A rare historical 16mm film from the 1970s shows Sri Chinmoy in meditation at his home in Queens, NY.

As soundtrack a piano piece called “Kurukshetra” by Sri Chinmoy has been chosen.

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February 21, 2016

Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa Samadhi

During a meditation in August 1993, Sri Chinmoy explained and demonstrated the high meditation states of Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa Samadhi at Aspiration-Ground, the meditation garden in Queens, New York where Sri Chinmoy often meditated with his students. Read more »

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May 23, 2005

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy: part 3

In these 1995 clips of Sri Chinmoy meditating, you can see his eyes flicker back and forth quite rapidly. As Sri Chinmoy explains in answering the question below, this flickering is a result of his soul moving between different high planes of conscousness. Read more »

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May 23, 2006

Mediterranean Meditation: Sri Chinmoy in Malta, 1991

This meditation and music video was recorded in Malta in 1991 when Sri Chinmoy visited the Mediterranean island during his Christmas vacation. He plays his compositions on an echo flute and improvises on an electronic flute.

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October 1, 2017

Meditation in Thailand

This historical recording shows Sri Chinmoy in meditation, during one of his last public appearances during a Christmas vacation in Thailand in February 2007; eight months before his mahasamadhi on 11 October 2007.

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Experiences of spirituality

More interviews »

  • Dipali Cunningham – Six Day World Record Holder

    Dipali Cunningham – Six Day World Record Holder

    Dipali Cunningham, a member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, is an accomplished ultra-distance runner. On three occasions she has set a new women’s world record for six-day running on the road – with a personal best of 513 miles/825km. In this video, she shares some of her experiences in these ultra-distance events.

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  • Benefits of meditation

    Benefits of meditation

    Aruna Pohland, who has been meditating as a student of Sri Chinmoy for over 30 years, talks about some of the benefits of meditation. Aruna mentions that, for her, a good meditation can leave a feeling of gratitude, silence and happiness.

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  • Abhejali interview

    Abhejali interview

    Abhejali Bernardova is a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Zlin, Czech Republic. In this video, she talks about how she became interested in meditation and and later became a disciple of Sri Chinmoy. Abhejali also explains how she received her spiritual name from Sri Chinmoy.

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  • On Sri Chinmoy’s Path – Kokila

    On Sri Chinmoy’s Path – Kokila

    Kokila Chamberlain talks about the experience of being on Sri Chinmoy’s Path. She explains a ‘typical’ function and the spontaneous nature of Sri Chinmoy’s approach. Kokila also explains what drew her to Sri Chinmoy’s Path.

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Sport and self-transcendence.

January 1, 2016

Ratuja: Running a Six Day Race

Ratuja Zub, a student of Sri Chinmoy from Belarus, talks about her experience of running a six day race in New York. Ratuja talks about the difficulties at the start of the race, but also by the end, how she felt a great sense of calmness and satisfaction. Read more »

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May 28, 2012

6 and 10 day Self-Transcendence Race

This race has been put on by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team since 1997, and is now one of the premier races on the American ultrarunning calendar. For those who have never experienced a multiday race before, this presentation aims to give a look inside the world of a multi day runner, and a glimpse of how this arduous challenge can be a beautiful experience for the soul.
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May 23, 2005

Sri Chinmoy’s Weightlifting Celebration 1998

This video shows highlights from Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting exhibition in 1998, in New York. During the evening, Sri Chinmoy displayed many notably feats of weightlifting, such as lifting a groups of people on different platforms, 145 pounds overhead in each arm simultaneously, weights on his stomach, and much more.  Read more »

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February 10, 2014

Sri Chinmoy lifts his own Smart Car, 2004

During November 2004, Sri Chinmoy held a celebration of weightlifting, culminating in the final evening where he performed many lifts. The finale of the evening featured Sri Chinmoy lifting his own car in a standing calf raise using a specially-constructed overhead apparatus.  Read more »

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July 15, 2011

Start of Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, 2011

On 12th June 2011, 10 intrepid runners line up for the 15th edition of the world’s longest certified race. 3 runners are running the race for the first time – Igor Mudryck and Sarvagata Ukrainskyi from the Ukraine and Pradeep Hoogaker from Holland. Read more »

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July 15, 2011

Interview with Ashrita Furman in Budapest

At the time of writing, Ashrita Furman holds 130 Guinness Records, and is the only person to have ever held over 100 records simultaneously. In 2010, Ashrita visited Budapest, Hungary and broke several world records. He also gave some talks on record breaking. During a talk, he was interviewed for a children’s programme in which he talked about meditation, inner strength and his favourite records. Read more »

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Sri Chinmoy’s Jharna Kala Art

Sri Chinmoy painted over 140,000 works of mystical abstract art, as well as drawing over 16 million birds.

More on Sri Chinmoy’s art »

Peace Concerts.

May 23, 2005

Sri Chinmoy’s Oxford Organ Performance

On June 26, 1989 Sri Chinmoy gave a special organ performance during a concert tour of Europe. I was fortunate to witness Sri Chinmoy climbing the stairs of Christ Church Cathedral and start his powerful improvisations on the pipe organ. You can now experience it for yourself in full length. Read more »

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September 18, 2011

Sri Chinmoy in Christchurch Cathedral

In December of 2002, Sri Chinmoy gave a beautiful Peace Concert in this famous cathedral. Watch these excerpts where Sri Chinmoy plays his favorite golden bamboo flute as well as the synthesizer. In between the clips, a few bird drawings that were exhibited at the entrance of the church are shown, as well as some landscapes filmed during the same trip to New Zealand’s South Island. Read more »

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September 27, 2012

Piano Performance in Budokan Hall, Tokyo

In 1992 Sri Chinmoy performed in the prestigious Budokan Hall in Tokyo and gave one of his largest Peace Concerts. This piano performance, surrounded with laser beams, was the final act. Enjoy this special improvisation. Read more »

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July 29, 2017

Sri Chinmoy’s last concert

On 19 September 2007, 22 days before his passing on 11 October 2007, Sri Chinmoy gave his last public peace concert in St. Petersburg in Russia – a unique historical recording. Sri Chinmoy began with silent meditation and finished with a powerful synthesizer improvisation at the end. Read more »

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Recent uploads

More about the Sri Chinmoy Centre »

  • With Sri Chinmoy – Mahiyan

    With Sri Chinmoy – Mahiyan

    Mahiyan talks about the importance and significance of having Sri Chinmoy as his spiritual Master during his time on earth. Mahiyan explains how he felt confidence in the direct guidance of Sri Chinmoy and since 2007, how he seeks the inner guidance through his meditation.

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  • Sri Chinmoy on “everything has beauty”

    Sri Chinmoy on “everything has beauty”

    During an informal conversation with his students, Sri Chinmoy comments on the existence of the divine inside the infinite and the finite as well, including a relationship with his soul-birds artwork and how they are able to manifest infinity.

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  • Following different spiritual paths

    Following different spiritual paths

    During an informal conversation with his students, Sri Chinmoy comments on such cases as when a married spiritual seeker has a path, and her/his husband or wife does not follow the same or any spiritual path.

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  • Peace Run in the Faroe Islands

    Peace Run in the Faroe Islands

    Recently, the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run visited the Faroe Islands.  In this video, Hridananda Ramon talks about the significance of the Peace Run and what the run hopes to achieve. During the stay on the island, the Peace Run visited 19 schools, participated in three road races and met with representatives of the governing […]

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  • challenging-impossibility

    Challenging Impossibility

    Award-winning story of Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting  Read more »

  • suprabha

    Spirit of a Runner

    One runner’s journey through the longest foot race in the world. Read more »

  •  ocean-monk

    Ocean Monk

    Seeking enlightenment through meditation and surfing. Read more »

Podcasts on Sri Chinmoy TV

  • lifevoices

    LIFE Voices

    Interviews with inspiring voices from around the world Read more »

  • meditation-silence


    Silent meditation and spiritual writings by Sri Chinmoy. Read more »

  • moments-of-silence

    Moments of Silence

    Meditative scenery from Hawai’i, Switzerland, Bali and more »