Interviews with Sri Chinmoy’s students

Joining the Path

Disciples of Sri Chinmoy talk about what drew them to Sri Chinmoy’s Path. The wide range of experiences shows how people from different walks of life can become interested in the spiritual life in different ways.

Selected videos

  • Florbela – Joining Sri Chinmoy’s Path
  • Hemeabha – “Love of God is exactly what I was looking from life”
  • Pulak – About joining the path after being inspired by a book of Sri Chinmoy.
  • Vajra – Becoming a disciple after attending a lecture of Sri Chinmoy at Columbia University.

Joining Sri Chinmoy’s Path – more videos

Disciple experiences with Sri Chinmoy

Experiences with Sri Chinmoy – from powerful meditative experiences to humorous anecdotes from spending time with the Master.

Selected videos

  • Ashrita – Breaking records
  • Pradeep – Developing the inner connection
  • Kokila – A typical function with Sri Chinmoy

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Experiences of meditation

Reminiscences about aspects of meditation – including some of the benefits, and how meditation can change your life.

Selected videos

Experience of meditation – More videos

Living the spiritual life

What does it mean to live the spiritual life? Videos on how the spiritual life goes together with daily life, and how to deal with difficult periods.

Selected videos

  • Banshidar – Maintaining aspiration during difficult times
  • Garga – How spirituality can help with a stressful workplace
  • Pranlobha – A typical day as a student of Sri Chinmoy.

Living the spiritual life – More videos


Self-transcendence is a cornerstone of Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy. Here Sri Chinmoy’s students express the multifarious ways we can strive for the ideal of self-transcendence.

Selected videos

  • Dipali – Experiences of running Six-Day Races.
  • Tejvan – A journey towards National cycling champions
  • Suprabha – Stories from the 3100 Mile Race

Videos on Self-transcendence – More videos

Selfless Service

Selfless service is an integral part of Sri Chinmoy’s Path. It involves work with a spiritual detachment. Disciples talk about the importance and value of selfless service.

Selected videos

  • Daulot – What was it like working on projects for Sri Chinmoy?
  • Vasudha – The value of service in the spiritual life
  • Pranlobha – Life in a spiritual workplace

Selfless Service – More videos

Meditation classes

Around the world, Sri Chinmoy Centres offer free meditation classes to enable people to learn about meditation and how they can practice it in their life.

Selected videos

  • Kailash – What we offer when giving meditation classes
  • Nirbhasa – Giving meditation classes
  • Devashishu – Thoughts on giving meditation classes

Meditation classes – More videos

Growing up on the path

Disciples who grew up on the path talk about what life was like and early experiences of meditation.

Selected videos

Growing up on the path – More videos

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