Daulot Fountain talks about the experience of working on projects for Sri Chinmoy. Daulot talks about the intensity and focus Sri Chinmoy gave projects and how this encouraged his disciples to put all their focus and energy into finishing the task at hand.

As Dualot explains, service is an essential component of Sri Chinmoy’s spiritual path

“If you can do the highest form of meditation on the psychic plane, mental plane and vital plane, then you are doing the best form of selfless service. Again, if you do unconditional selfless service on the physical plane, then you are getting the result of the highest meditation. There is no difference between the highest form of selfless service and the highest form of meditation. If you can soulfully, spontaneously and unconditionally do either meditation or selfless service, you will gain the same.”

Sri Chinmoy, Service-heroes, Agni Press, 1978