Experiences Of Meditation

Although meditation transcends the mind, students of Sri Chinmoy endeavour to express some of the ways meditation has impacted on their lives; including meditation experiences with Sri Chinmoy, and also giving meditation classes.

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  • Meditation in the heart and mind

    Meditation in the heart and mind

    Devashishu, who has been meditating as a student of Sri Chinmoy for the past 35 years, talks about the difference between meditation in the heart and meditation in the mind. From personal experience, Devashishu explains some of the qualities of the spiritual heart and the challenges of learning to meditate.

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  • Benefits of meditation

    Benefits of meditation

    In this video, Jogyata Dallas talks about the benefits of meditation. These include the practical aspect of stress relief and peace of mind, but also how meditation can become an illumining journey of self-discovery to help find more about the real purpose of the soul and a deeper meaning to life.

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  • Jogyata on Sri Chinmoy’s approach to meditation

    Jogyata on Sri Chinmoy’s approach to meditation

    Jogyata talks about meditation and Sri Chinmoy’s approach to meditation.

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  • Conversations about meditation

    Conversations about meditation

    Varunavi and Amaravati, students of Sri Chinmoy from Slovakia, talk about meditation and how it has helped them.

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  • A childhood meeting with Sri Chinmoy

    A childhood meeting with Sri Chinmoy

    Devashishu Torpy has been a disciple of Sri Chinmoy for over 35 years. In this video he remembers an occasion where, by coincidence, he met Sri Chinmoy in Central London. Devashishu recalls how meeting Sri Chinmoy in the street gave him his first powerful experience of meditation.

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