In this episode of LIFE Voices, Prachar Stegeman from Canberra, Australia shares his thoughts on spirituality, music and meditation. Prachar is a meditation student of Sri Chinmoy and helps to organise a range of sporting events in Australia and the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run.

This episode is entitled ‘A Deeper sense of Peace’ and Prachar explains how he became interested in meditation to help his work as a concert pianist. Prachar also talks about how studying meditation under Sri Chinmoy opened up a whole range of new possibilities from singing to sport.

Length: 18:34 min
Photographs by Prabhakar, Dipavajan and Kedar
Video clips by the World Harmony Run Team and Kedar
Music by Parichayaka Hammerl and the World Harmony Run Team
Filmed, edited and produced by kedarvideo Switzerland
Page: Kedar / Tejvan

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