Sri Chinmoy taught meditation through silence. By meditating with him, one became aware of the vastness, purity and depth of consciousness that one could find inside one’s own being.  Sri Chinmoy may no longer be with us in person, but fortunately we have a wealth of footage of the Master in meditation, in which the same powerful effect can be felt by the viewer.

“Why do we meditate? We meditate precisely because this world of ours has disappointed us and because failure looms large in our day-to-day life. We want fulfilment. We want joy, peace, bliss and perfection within and without. Meditation is the answer, the only answer.” [1]

 – Sri Chinmoy (1)

This clip is taken from a series of DVDs called ‘Meditation Inspirations’ – footage of Sri Chinmoy meditating interspersed with meditative prayer-poems.

Camera & Edit by Mridanga Spencer


[1] Excerpt from Meditation: God’s Duty and Man’s Beauty by Sri Chinmoy