This video gives an insight into Sri Chinmoy’s contributions on the theme of peace. Including aphorisms on peace, music, art, sport and Peace Concerts.


Sri Chinmoy Audio

“My Prayerful Salutations to the United Nations”
– Peace in My Flying Soul
– Peace Sanskrit Chant
“Meditate On”, Jharna-Kala Card Co.
“Flute” – Concert de Paix, Paris 1984.

Video Footage

Mridanga Spencer – DVD Footage
Kedar Misani – Cologne Peace Concert, 1984 + Oslo Peace Poems.
Utpal Marshall – Spirit of a Runner

Art of Sri Chinmoy

Jharna Kala Foundation, Curator Ranjana Ghose


“Peace Run arrangement” Composed by Sri Chinmoy, Performed by Paree Atkin + NY Sri Chinmoy Centre –
“A New World of Peace” – Composed by Sri Chinmoy, performed by Oneness-Dream –
“Chalre Rabi ” – Composed by Sri Chinmoy, performed by Ananda

Video edit: Tejvan