Every year, Sri Chinmoy’s students hold a 12 hour walking race on April 12th, the eve of the anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s arrival in America. This year over 150 people participated, and the race yielded a new competition record, set by Abhinabha Tangerman from Amsterdam.


It has long been an event that has attracted top athletic competition. It is after all not an easy thing to walk as far as you can for 12 hours. But because it sounds less rigorous than running, the yearly April event has attracted entrants who simply wanted to simply see just how far they themselves could walk before the cut-off.

It was first conceived by Sri Chinmoy in April of 1980. At the time many of his students were visiting New York for the annual celebrations and this event, the 12 hour walk, was something that he knew would both challenge and inspire all those who took part.

In the 35 years since it has continued to attract those who wanted to push themselves both physically and as well to reach out for some new inner perspective of themselves within. The old record for the race which had stood the test of time for more than a decade 65.1 miles was at last bested this year by Abhinabha who set a new record with 65.9 miles.

Abhinabha said when finished, “I felt so much support throughout the whole race. It helped so much. This is an indescribable experience. Really so beautiful. I feel we have all done this together. It has been a real oneness thing.”

“To me, life is not
A leisurely walk
But a constant

– Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 19, Agni Press, 2000


  • Video edit: Utpal
  • Music: ‘He Japan”
    • Composed by Sri Chinmoy
    • Arranged by Parichayaka

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