Sri Chinmoy was a prolific musician, who composed many songs on the theme of peace. This video highlights three peace songs composed by Sri Chinmoy and sung by Oneness-Dream. Oneness-Dream are an all male acapella choir, who have toured the world singing the music of Sri Chinmoy.

The three songs in this video are:

No matter what the world thinks,
Our world, soon, very soon,
Will be flooded with peace.

– Sri Chinmoy, No matter what the world thinks, from the songbook ‘O My Heart’s Silence-Shore’.

Peace: humanity’s perfection-dance
In God’s Heart-Garden.

– Sri Chinmoy, from the songbook – A Heart of Peace

A new world of peace,
A new world of light,
A new world of height,
Can alone give me

– Sri Chinmoy, from the songbook Journey’s Goal, Part 1



  • Music: Oneness-Dream
  • Photographs: Sri Chinmoy Centre Photographers
  • Video edit: Tejvan Pettinger

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