In this one minute interview, Sri Chinmoy shares his message about Christmas.

“Happiness, happiness, happiness… The Saviour came two thousand years ago to bless us, and we must try to be worthy of his blessings. … my message is only happiness. This happiness only we can get from our prayers and our meditation. If you are happy, the whole world is happy.”

– Sri Chinmoy, (unofficial transcript) from the interview

Here is an article by Sri Chinmoy, “Christmas: the play of universal emotion”, published on AUM Magazine, Vol. I, No. 5 – December 27, 1965:

The birth of the Child was secrecy itself. But His Birthday is as illumining as the Sun, as energising as nectar. Christmas is the birth of Promise, the link between Heaven with Earth.

This is the day that unites near and far. This is the day that awakens the best in us, within and without. This is the Day of Eternal Bliss, from which the Past, Present and Future derive much significance of Existence.

Christmas reveals to us a limitless ocean of Universal Joy. The waves of the suffering world dare not declare their existence.

It is not under the branches, but at the foot of the tree that one gets full protection. Therefore human souls, wherever they may be scattered, return to their families in order to breathe in serenely the Universal Harmony and Peace on Christmas Day.


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