Sri Chinmoy had a life long interest in athletics and sport. From his earliest days he loved to compete in track and field events. In India he had been the decathlon champion in the ashram in which he lived. When he came to America in 1964 he continued to train and compete in running events. He always seemed at home on the track. His determination was always clearly evident no matter what the distance and no matter what discomfort or pain he may have been enduring at the time.

In Chiang Mai Thailand in February of 2007 on 4 occasions he completed at least 400 meters on the local track there just before his students were about to race. Each time he suffered great physical discomfort but each time he transcended himself and completed the distance faster, each and every time out. His lesson always, not just to those small number who watched him, but to the world at large was, we can and must transcend ourselves in all that we do and all that we love.

– Utpal Marshall

Camera & Edit: Utpal Marshall
Copyright: © 2007 Sri Chinmoy