In this video, Sri Chinmoy speaks about the motivations for his weightlifting – to achieve peace of mind and to offer inspiration to others. Sri Chinmoy also explains how he is able to successfully lift heavy weights, despite his age and physical frame.

“I am a student of peace. I feel that physical fitness is of paramount importance in achieving peace, peace of mind. Age is in the mind and not in the heart.”

“I lift heavy weights in order to inspire people – and there are others who inspire me in various fields / various walks of life – from their own achievements. We inspire one another and by inspiring one another we become better citizens of the world.”

Yesterday, I lifted up 1,000lb on seated calf machine and 2,000lb on standing calf machine. This is not on the strength of my physical strength, but it is on strength of God’s infinite and unconditional Compassion and Grace.”

– Sri Chinmoy (unofficial transcript from video)
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