In this video, Muslim Badami talks about the value of service on Sri Chinmoy’s Path. Muslim explains that the opportunity to offer something to others, with a selfless motive, can be a valuable way to gain a sense of satisfaction and growth.

Muslim is a member of the Auckland Sri Chinmoy Centre, which regularly offers meditation classes, concerts, running races and other events to the general public.

Sri Chinmoy writes on the importance of selfless-service:

“Each time we do selfless service we increase our capacity. God is omnipresent. He is the universal Consciousness. When we do selfless service, we feel oneness with the rest of mankind and become one with this universal Consciousness. Each moment we do something selflessly we enlarge our consciousness from the one to the many.”

– Sri Chinmoy, excerpt from Service-Boat and Love-Boatman, part 1