On 23 June 2012, English channel swimmer Abhejali Bernardova from Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, Czech Republic swam around Manhattan Island in New York. This video offers brief highlights from the annual race organized by NYC Swim. The race starts and finishes in Battery Park City on the Hudson River. Swimmers swim anti-clockwise up the East River, then Harlem River and then they head down the Hudson River – for a distance of 28.5 miles (45km).

There were 38 solo swimmers that year from many different countries. Abhejali finished 7th female with the time of 8:28:46.

Abhejali successful swam the English channel in July 2011. Members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team have completed 42 successful crossing of the channel, inspired by Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy of self-transcendence.  See Channel swimming at Sri Chinmoy Races

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  • NY City swim of Manhattan