In July 2005 the European Sri Chinmoy Marathon Teams collectively organized the 10th International Self-Transcendence Masters Games in Zurich. The 180 athletes of the different masters categories from all over Europe participated in all classical track and field disciplines. The event gets more and more recognition from the seniors who love to compete and stay in shape in spite of their age. The Masters Games were initiated 10 years ago by Sri Chinmoy, himself a gifted sportsman since his early youth. The video invites you to experience the joy and eagerness of the athletes who transcend age and mind to bring out their best performances. You can also spot Kailash Beyer, one of the first European members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, finishing the 5000 m race in pouring rain…

You can read more on the Sri Chinmoy Races site

Videography: Kedar Misani
Edit: kedarvideo
Music: Parichayaka Hammerl

Creative Commons License