Sri Chinmoy explains the necessary qualities for a seeker to enter into the spiritual life, as well as some of the reasons why one might want to consciously enter into the spiritual life. The video ends with a short segment of silent meditation.

Excerpt from the interview:

“…When you are planning to enter into the spiritual life, you have to be very sincere, very careful and very wise. Before you enter into the spiritual life, you do not take life seriously. For the sincere seekers, spirituality is the only life. Spirituality is the life-tree. Other things are leaves or flowers or branches. We have to be wise, wise, wise. We must not waste our precious time. It is wisdom that expedites our spiritual journey. There are many roads that will lead us to our destination. We choose a particular road, and we walk on that road to arrive at the destination.”

– Sri Chinmoy


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