This video displays Sri Chinmoy during a silent meditation extracted from a longer meditation session. Background noise has been replaced by a recording of Sri Chinmoy chanting the mantra “Supreme” in a very soulful and extemporaneous way, as well as a more devotional “Supreme, I bow to Thee” mantric chant.

”Chanting is not, strictly speaking, a form of meditation. It is an invocation. You invoke God to enter into you, to enter into your inmost self, into your inner existence. Meditation is different. In chanting you usually invoke God to permeate your whole existence. In meditation you try, in a broader way, to enter into God’s Infinity, Eternity and Immortality.…“
Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 4, No. 4,5, Nov. — Dec. 27, 1968



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– Camera and edit by Mridanga Spencer – page created by Patanga Cordeiro