Plunge into the sea of tranquility, meditate with nature’s beauty and spiritual imagery. Nature is the best partner for entering into the depth of your inner being and helps you to easily go into a meditative consciousness. This video brings you a simple scenery of an ocean with all its sounds, vibrations and feelings. The soundtrack is a combination of Aum Chants by Sri Chinmoy and flute music by Premik. It is an extract of the CD “Aum Ocean Meditation”.

“When we chant Aum what actually happens is that we bring down Peace and Light from above and create a universal harmony within us and without us. When we repeat Aum both our inner and outer beings become inspired and surcharged with divine Light and Aspiration.”

           – Sri Chinmoy

Camera & Edit: Kedar Misani
Soundtrack: Sri Chinmoy, Premik Russell Tubbs
Produced by kedarvideo Switzerland
Length: 7:55 min

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