In August 1993, Sri Chinmoy attended the finish of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in Manhattan, New York. After meditating on the Peace Torch flame, Sri Chinmoy offered a message of peace.

“God, our Absolute Lord Supreme, do bless us – your peace-aspiring children throughout the length and breadth of the world with a new peace-message.”

“My sweet children, from today on, do not say anymore that you need peace more than anything else in the world. My children, from today on, you must say that peace is the only thing, only dream, only reality that you sleeplessly and breathlessly need. If you obey me, my sweet children, I shall give you what I have – My Eternity’s Climbing-Cries and I shall give you what I am – My Infinity’s Blossoming-Smiles.”

(excerpt from speech/unofficial transcript)

Filmed by Kedar Misani, kedarvideo, Switzerland