During an interview for television in Holland, Sri Chinmoy, himself an athlete, teaches athletes how to pray and meditate, their values, and a spiritual approach to practising meditation and prayer as a sportsman.

Excerpt from the interview:

“Before they enter into the hustle and bustle of life, they can pray to God, they can meditate on God… “Oh God, today do grant me a peaceful day”, that is, through prayer. Again, through meditation… here I make my mind absolutely calm and quiet… my eyes are wide open, but my focus of concentration is right on my heart. Only my heart and I exist. There is nothing else. Here I am envisioning my own inner existence, my divinity. And again when I pray, in silence I will say: ‘My Lord Supreme, my Lord Supreme, do make me a choice instrument of Yours, so that I can please You and fulfil You in Your own Way.’ So here I am using the words, prayer. There, when I meditate, I feel that God is doing absolutely the things that are necessary to be performed in me…“


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