In this video, we select some of Sri Chinmoy’s comments on God-realisation – a concept similar to enlightenment, illumination, salvation, nirvana, etc.

“God-realisation is oneness with God’s Will (…) If God-realisation takes place, then one becomes part and parcel of the universe, universal consciousness revealed. (…) At that time, universal consciousness becomes yours (…)”

Sri Chinmoy, (unofficial transcript) from the interview


“For God-realisation, what we need is outer strength and inner strength. Outer strength we shall use to see God in everything. Inner strength we shall use to feel that we are destined to reach our goal. The moment we feel that God-realisation is our birthright, God-realisation can no longer remain a far cry. We have to feel that we have been chosen to realise God in this incarnation. If we can grow into this reality, God-realisation will soon be ours.”

Sri Chinmoy, Life-tree-leaves, Agni Press, 1974

– Interview from Straight Talk show
– Camera and edit by Mridanga Spencer
– Page created by Patanga Cordeiro


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