In these interviews, Sri Chinmoy explains the importance of time for meditation. First, puncutality: the importance of meditating every day at the same hour, considering this time as an appointment with God. Then, regularity: meditating and aspiring every day, so we can keep going up and up in our search for true fulfilment, without troublesome interruptions in our upward journey.

“Before six (a.m.), you can meditate anytime…
Make it a point to meditate at six o’clock. Even if you go to bed at 5.30 (a.m.), after the meditation you can go back to sleep for half an hour, one hour or two hours…
Because after six, the atmosphere, nature, gets very, very restless, and their restlessness enters into us.”
– Sri Chinmoy, (unofficial transcript) from the interview


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– 27.000 Aspiration-Plants and Sri Chinmoy visits Puerto Rico, 1995 – filmed by Mridanga Spencer
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