In this collage of meditation, nature, aphorisms and answers to questions, we are invited to meditate with spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. While he meditates in silence, various meditation basics are explained – breathing, eyes open/closed, and  keeping the mind free of thoughts.

We can then join the meditation by trying to make our mind empty of thoughts for as long as possible. It is very useful to focus your half-open eyes on Sri Chinmoy’s meditative stance – it will keep your mind from wandering.

“…you’ll try to breathe in as slowly as possible, a deep breath… when you are breathing out, please feel that you are giving goodwill to the world… and please keep your eyes half-open…”

– Sri Chinmoy, (unofficial transcript) from the interview


– Camera and edit by Mridanga Spencer
– Page created by Patanga Cordeiro


Meditation for beginners

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