A short video about a recent ceremony to plant a peace tree in the San Diego Sri Chinmoy Peace Garden. The ceremony was supported by local dignitaries, school children and members of the local Sri Chinmoy Centre. The event was also inspired by the aims and ideals of the Sri Chinmoy Peace Run / World Harmony Run.

The event took place on  June 29, 2013, with the Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner helping to plant the tree. He was joined by Javier Mainar, San Diego Fire Chief and Cindy Marten, Superintendent of San Diego City Schools. Both spoke about their happiness in contributing to the important objective of promoting peace in the world and local community.


The peace tree, a symbol of the teachings of the philosopher Sri Chinmoy, was donated by local businesses Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga and Jyoti Bihanga Vegetarian Restaurant, as well as the World Harmony Run, which Chinmoy founded.

Statue of Sri Chinmoy in the peace garden

Statue of Sri Chinmoy in the peace garden