In this compilation, we see an interview  with Sri Chinmoy and Jim Smith (British weightlifting records registrar) – Sri Chinmoy explains about the source of his weightlifting achievements, the importance of physical fitness, and how he was able to set new goals by taking inspiration from the heart instead of the mind.

“Our philosophy is the philosophy of self-transcendence. We do not compete with anybody. We compete only with ourselves. If I am a good person, I try to become a better person…”

– Sri Chinmoy, (unofficial transcript) from the interview.

“There can be no one in the world other than Sri Chinmoy who can have a conception of what 7,063¾ lbs of weight means. In biology, for example, we talk about very small measures, subatomic measures, but I have no conception of what that is. With astronomy, on the other end of the scale, they say that the sun is 93 million miles away, but I haven’t the remotest idea at all what that means. Likewise, the dimensions of Sri Chinmoy’s lift are entirely alien, totally out of this world, and definitely from another planet. Sri Chinmoy has created a new law of the universe.”

– Jim Smith, Registrar of Records, British Amateur Weightlifters’ Association




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