During his European concert tour in 1989 Sri Chinmoy often gave a
little talk on a specific subject in between his musical performances.
Watch this talk on “Determination”, introduced with his chanting of the
mantra “Om”. Here is the full text:


Determination. My soul is determined to manifest God’s supreme victory
here on Earth now.

Determination. My heart is determined to love God, the Creator
unconditionally from this moment on until I breathe my last.

Determination. My mind is determined to send my doubts, disbelieve and
suspicion into eternal exile.

Determination. My vital is determined to transform my undivine restless
vital into supreme peaceful and fruitful poise.

Determination. My body is determined to liberate itself from its

Determination. My life is determined to serve God the Creation at every
moment in His own way and I am determined to smash the pride of
ignorance-night once and for all.

Determination. Enthusiasm feeds my determination. This enthusiasm-flood
comes from the inner worlds.

Compassion feeds my determination. This compassion-rain descends from
the higher worlds.

When my entire being being surcharged with adamantine determination
Mother Earth blessingfully says to me: “My son, you have my divine joy
and you have my supreme pride.”

Again, when my entire being is surcharged with adamantine determination,
Father Heaven blessingfully says to me: “My son, claim me as your own,
very own. I am all yours.”

Determination. Determination.

– Sri Chinmoy
Text transcribed from above video)


Camera & Edit: Kedar Misani
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Copyright: © 2007 Sri Chinmoy