Basel is becoming the Mecca of ultra running in Europe. More than 100 runners participated in this event in 2007, presented by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team (SCMT), also including the official 2nd Swiss 24-hour Championship. The top Swiss were Christian Fatton with 220km and Muriel Thomi with 167km. Overall champion in the 24-hour main category was again Muriel Thomi in the women’s category and German Ralf Steisslinger (242km) among the men. The 12-hour race (main category) was won by Ivana Nemcova from the SCMT with a distance of 102km and Bruno Candy with 121km.

Edit & Camera: Kedar Misani
Music: Suballabha Torfason
Copyright: © 2007 Sri Chinmoy

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