In this video, Toshala Elliot shares some of her more light-hearted and humorous moments with Sri Chinmoy. Toshala was a scientist when joining Sri Chinmoy’s path, and now works as manager of a vegetarian cafe in Auckland.

Toshala became a student of Sri Chinmoy whilst in the first year of her PhD (on the subject of the physiology of bone development in growing mammals). Prior to that Toshala had completed a BSc, an MSc and had worked for a little over a year at MAF Technology (Ruakura) as a senior research associate.

In the book, On Sri Chinmoy’s Sunlit Path, Toshala explains how joining Sri Chinmoy’s path motivated her to finish her PhD in record quick time, so she could concentrate on her new spiritual life. She currently works as the manager of the Blue Bird Cafe in Auckland, New Zealand.

Video and edit: Nirbhasa Magee