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  • Meditation-Silence 13: Spiritual Heart

    Meditation-Silence 13: Spiritual Heart

    “To reach the spiritual heart you have to feel that you do not have a mind, you do not have arms, you do not have legs, you have only the heart. Then you have to feel that you do not have the heart, but you are the heart. When you can feel that you are […]

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  • Meditation-Silence 11: Silent Meditation

    Meditation-Silence 11: Silent Meditation

    This is the 11th episode of the podcast series “Meditation-Silence”, featuring the theme “Silent Meditation”. Only my heart’s silence-sea Can stop my mind From racing around. “Silent meditation is the strongest force that can ever be seen, felt and executed. How do we meditate silently? Just by not talking, just by not using outer words, […]

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  • Meditation-Silence 8: Pranayama

    Meditation-Silence 8: Pranayama

    This is Episode No. 8 of the series MEDITATION-SILENCE, entitled “”Pranayama”. When you breathe from Heaven You feed the hungry heart And the thirsty soul of earth. – Sri Chinmoy “Some breathing exercises are of real help to meditation. Pranayama is a traditional system of controlled breathing in India. Prana is the vital energy, the […]

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  • Meditation-Silence 14: Music & Meditation

    Meditation-Silence 14: Music & Meditation

    This is the 14th episode of the series “Meditation-Silence”. The theme of this episode is “Music & Meditation”. The meditation sequence shows Sri Chinmoy during a birthday function in New York. In the spiritual world, next to meditation is music, the breath of music. Meditation is silence, energising and fulfilling. Silence is the eloquent expression […]

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  • Meditation-Silence 15: Living in Joy

    Meditation-Silence 15: Living in Joy

    This is the 15th episode of the series “Meditation-Silence”. The theme of this episode is “A Drop in the Ocean”. The meditation sequence shows Sri Chinmoy during a concert in Bali. “We are all seekers, and our goal is the same: to achieve inner peace, light, and joy, to become inseparably one with our Source, […]

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  • Meditation-Silence 10: The Beginning

    Meditation-Silence 10: The Beginning

    This is the 10th edition of the series MEDITATION-SILENCE with quotes and a meditation video of Sri Chinmoy. “When we start meditating, first we try to reach our own inner existence—our true existence; that is to say, the bottom of the sea. Then when the waves come from the outside world, we are not affected. […]

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