Sri Chinmoy’s Art

Sri Chinmoy calls his artwork “Jharna-Kala”, which is Bengali for “fountain-art.” The name reflects the spontaneous fountain of creativity he experiences and expresses through a wide array of media and forms.

“Both art and spirituality have a goal, and that goal is supreme joy, supreme delight. We can say that art is a tree of evolution. We climb up this tree in order to pluck the fruits of light and delight, and we climb down this tree in order to distribute the fruits of light and delight.”

– Sri Chinmoy

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  • The Augsburg Soul-Bird Exhibition

    The Augsburg Soul-Bird Exhibition

    In March 1997, 200,000 soul-bird drawings by Sri Chinmoy were exhibited at the Steigenberger Hotel Drei Mohren in Augsburg. Here are the highlights. Filmed by kedarvideo Switzerland.

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  • Sri Chinmoy speaks about his Art

    Sri Chinmoy speaks about his Art

    In this short extract from an interview on The Way To Go, Sri Chinmoy comments about his spiritual art, called Jharna-Kala, or “Fountain-Art”. Sri Chinmoy describes how creativity can come from our mind and emotions or from our heart and soul.

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  • Sri Chinmoy on art as an expression of aspiration

    Sri Chinmoy on art as an expression of aspiration

    During an illumining interview on The Pulpit and People, Sri Chinmoy explains in simple words the meaning of his paintings and the inspiration behind his artistic endeavours.

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  • Sri Chinmoy painting at “Aspiration-Ground”

    Sri Chinmoy painting at “Aspiration-Ground”

    During his birthday celebrations in August 1997, Sri Chinmoy painted several acrylics at “Aspiration-Ground” in Queens, NY. To Sri Chinmoy, art was a meditative activity – he termed his own art “Jharna-Kala” (Bengali for Fountain-Art – art that comes from the soul). 

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  • Piano Improvisation in Bali 2004

    Piano Improvisation in Bali 2004

    A piano improvisation by Sri Chinmoy from 2004 in Bali.

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  • Sri Chinmoy’s Drawing World

    Sri Chinmoy’s Drawing World

      Over the years of his artistic activities, Sri Chinmoy created hundreds of drawings and millions of ‘Soul-Bird’ drawings. In this extended video, we offer more than 600 of these beautiful artworks. The background music is by two Russian disciples of Sri Chinmoy, Kushali and Rageshri who performed their music under the name “Silence and […]

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