The 21st Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim took place on August 3, 2008, with perfect weather conditions. The water was quiet and warm and the clouds in the morning made it acceptable for the many helpers on the boats. First to reach Zurich was the Swiss Team Goldcoast Aquatics with Maurice Petignat, Manuel Spörri und Patrik Spitznagel: they completed the 26.4k in 6:07:05 hours. In the Masters’ categories (over 40 years) two new records were established: Andreas Fath from Germany placed first in the the “Masters with wetsuit” category in 6:17:41 hours; he was also the fastest solo-swimmer overall of this race. The second record was set by Jürg Schmid from Zurich with 6:35:23 hours in the “Masters without wetsuit” category. In the main men’s category, Alistair Cottle from New Zealand placed first in 7:27:7 hours, and first among the women was Margit Bohnhoff from Berlin in a time of 8:05:03 hours.

Camera & Edit: Kedar Misani
Music: Suballabha Torfason & Parichayaka Hammerl