Sri Chinmoy loved Borobudur. It is a great Buddhist temple located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and built around the eighth century A.D. On Christmas Day 2003, Sri Chinmoy offered a prayerful and soulful concert at the feet of the Borobudur Temple. Sri Chinmoy has always had tremendous love and adoration for the Lord Buddha, and visiting Borobudur was a very, very special experience for Sri Chinmoy.

During the Christmas vacation early 2009 a group of disciples of Sri Chinmoy visited that famous Borobudur monument on the island of Java. Although the weather was not perfect we had a great time experiencing the great Buddhist site with over 2 million stones and more than 500 Buddha sculptures and the whole story of Buddha’s live and his many incarnations in stone carvings. This video brings you some impressions we had early in the morning as well as explanations by our tour guide Sri Darmanto, who himself is a student of Sri Chinmoy. The clip concludes with Sri Chinmoy’s song Borobudurer, sung by his students.

You can listen to Sri Chinmoy’s Borobudur concert at Radio Sri Chinmoy

Length: 9:56 min
Edit & Camera: Kedar Misani
Copyright: © 2009 Sri Chinmoy