In this video Sri Chinmoy explains and demonstrates the three different types of samadhi – savikalpa, nirvikalpa and sahaja samadhi. These are states of consciousness in which the practitioner goes far beyond the domain of the mind to become aware of great inner delight and peace. These states of consciousness can never be adequately explained in words because by definition they far transcend the world of thought. But, talking of Nirvikalpa samadhi, Sri Chinmoy writes:

In Nirvikalpa samadhi there is no thought, no idea, nothing whatsoever. All is tranquility, or you can say tranquility’s flood. Here nature’s dance comes to an end. The restless activity of human nature cannot play its role. There is no thought, no idea, no form, only the transcendental Silence and boundless Peace, Light and Delight. In this expanse of infinite Peace, Light and Delight there exist only the seeker and his Beloved Supreme, who have become one.”

AUM magazine, June 1975

Original Video: Mridanga Spencer

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