Adhiratha Keefe has been a disciple of Sri Chinmoy since the early 1970s. In this short video, he explains how Sri Chinmoy would encourage disciples, with different temperaments, to work together and strive to overcome interpersonal difficulties.

In this video, Adhiratha mentions a term ‘maya‘. In Indian philosophy ‘maya’ is often thought of as ‘illusion’ – for example, the idea that this world is ‘maya’ or an illusion. But Sri Chinmoy explains that ‘maya’ is a partial conception of reality. Our goal is to seek a fuller understanding of reality and not get stuck on the limited understanding of the mind. In Sri Chinmoy’s own words.

“maya is now taken to mean “illusion,” but its literal meaning is “measurement of extension.” It refers to a way of conception. When we want to conceive and express the Truth with our incapacities or our very limited capacity, maya offers its help and comes to our rescue.”

– Sri Chinmoy, My Ivy League Leaves