Through my connection with KidsToKids (a Humanitarian Aid Programme inspired by Sri Chinmoy) I met a very special person to present to you in this episode of LIFE Voices. He is 60-year old Stephan Holderegger from Switzerland. Since his childhood he has been handicapped by a severe immune deficiency disease that destroys the lungs. Two weeks before his predicted death, he got a phone call, inviting him to the main hospital in Zurich for a lung transplant. He grabbed his prepared suitcase and jumped into the ambulance. He called all his friends and told them if he survived the operation he would open a hospital in Kenya for the poor. Stephan got a second life and started his ambitious project right away. Not only did the hospital open in 2004 under the guidance of his partner Ruth Schäfer, but Stephan started various ventures promoting the hospital and donating organs. First he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, then he ran the New York City marathon. If you want to know more about this amazing personality, watch this episode of LIFE Voices. His English is not perfect, but his emotions all come through.

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Interview & Edit: Kedar Misani
Soundtrack: Parichayaka Hammerl
Produced by kedarvideo