In this video, Sri Chinmoy explains the basics of meditation: posture, eyes, correct breathing, etc. He also advises some visualization exercises for before starting meditation, such as offering goodwill to humanity. Meanwhile, Sri Chinmoy is shown during a lofty public meditation; in a state called samadhi – which is akin to contemplation, where oneness with the Source is felt and realised. Using the guidelines offered by Sri Chinmoy, you can take inspiration in his own silent meditation and try it for a minute while the video continues with music in the background.

“…you’ll try to breathe in as slowly as possible, a deep breath… when you are breathing out, please feel that you are giving goodwill to the world…and please keep your eyes half-open…”

Source: Meditation Inspirations 4, filmed by Mridanga Spencer
Edited by Patanga Cordeiro for Sri Chinmoy TV


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