In these 1995 clips of Sri Chinmoy meditating, you can see his eyes flicker back and forth quite rapidly. As Sri Chinmoy explains in answering the question below, this flickering is a result of his soul moving between different high planes of conscousness.

Question: ….one of the striking things that I noticed was the way your eyes were constantly quivering. This gives one the sensation of inner ecstasy. Can you comment about that?

Sri Chinmoy: To an unaspiring person, the flickering of the eyes looks like a restless movement. But for the sincere seekers, this movement of the eyes will be a different matter altogether. There are seven higher planes of consciousness. Since I am a spiritual man and at the same time I am in a meditative consciousness, I am flying from one plane of consciousness to another. I am acting like a divine bird, flying from one branch to another. When my eyes move, I enter into one plane of consciousness and the treasure of that consciousness enters into my being; then I reveal this treasure through my eyes. While I am entering into another plane of consciousness, I acquire and reveal the wealth of that plane of consciousness. (from The Soul’s Evolution, by Sri Chinmoy)

Camera & Edit: Mridanga Spencer
Copyright: © 1995 Sri Chinmoy