This record involved reciting one of Sri Chinmoy’s poems translated into 111 languages. More than 100 of Sri Chinmoy’s students took turn reciting Sri Chinmoy’s poem “Precious” in 111 languages. The Guinness Record was organised and supervised by Ashrita Furman in April of 2005, some seven years ago. This is the full coverage of the event which took more than an hour.


Precious beyond measure is God’s Will,
None can undo its Power.
Precious beyond measure are man’s tears,
They alone can hug God’s Hour.
Precious beyond measure is man’s love,
Unveiling his golden face.
Precious beyond measure is God’s Gift:
His all-fulfilling Grace.

Excerpt from “My Flute” by Sri Chinmoy

It is easy to mistakenly imagine that harmony amongst all the world’s cultures is an impossible task. Yet over the course of the hour-plus recitation, the voices of the world came together to show in diversity there can be real oneness as well. This was also Ashrita’s 100th Guinness world record. He said at the conclusion of the record, that there would be no pause, but he would continued to try and set another 100 records.

Filmed and edited by Kedar Misani

Watch a short version of the event by Utpal Marshall here.