It was less than a month after 74 year old Sri Chinmoy broke his own record with a wrist curl of 203lbs (92kg) – a transcendence of 30lb (13.6kg) from his previous best of 170lb (77.1kg). Not content to rest on the laurels of that amazing feat of strength, he leapt 53lb (24kg) to curl a monstrous dumbbell that even the toughest strength athlete would probably consider impossible to move for any type of arm exercise – let alone using the tiny isolated muscles of the wrist! On top of that, Sri Chinmoy’s body weight at the time of his latest triumph was 76lb (34.4kg) less than that of the dumbbell.

Top strength athletes and fitness experts are astounded at Sri Chinmoy’s herculean achievement. Five-time Mr. Universe and ‘Best Built Man of the Century’ Bill Pearl exclaimed: “In my more than 60 years in the fitness and body-building field, I have never heard of anyone in the world able to curl this huge amount of weight! This is a miracle!”

Renowned as an author, musician, artist and interfaith leader, Sri Chinmoy explains his meteoric lifting progress and world record success very simply: “God out of His infinite Bounty has given me the capacity to do this 256 pound wrist curl with each hand. I am placing my happiness-heart-achievement at the Feet of God.”

Videography: Mridanga Spencer
Edit: Utpal Marshall
Copyright: © 2005 Sri Chinmoy

203lb Wrist Curl lift
256lb Wrist Curl lift at Sri Chinmoy Races