In this episode of the Meditation-Silence series, Sri Chinmoy speaks about the essence of meditation which is to be in the ‘Here and Now’:

“In order to become one with God, you have to consciously start your spiritual journey. Here and Now is the soul’s motto. If you have not yet started, then your soul wants you to start your spiritual journey at this very moment. If you have doubt with regard to God’s existence, no harm. Doubt as much as you want to. Eventually, you will become tired of doubting God. If you doubt the existence of inner peace and bliss, doubt as long as you want to. Even if you have doubts with regard to the inner life or God’s reality, it is best to start your inner journey anyway.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Camera & Edit: Kedar Misani
Voice: Kanan Roberts
Copyright: © 2010 Sri Chinmoy

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