“A lot of people think about doing great things and talk about doing great things, but very, very few people actually accomplish the things they set out to do. In Sri Chinmoy’s case he’s determined to succeed. He’s one of those very few people who have been able to do extraordinary things.  

Sri Chinmoy has controlled his mind completely. He has conquered his mind totally. It’s like what I would try to do when I would face a wrestling opponent. Sri Chinmoy is using his will to surpass his mind, and he is using his mind to conquer his body. He is putting his thoughts into a higher state to allow him to have a superior capacity.  

I tell you, it’s a lot of weight for a little guy, and he’s made a lot of progress. I find it very impressive.  “

– Dan Gable  

  • National Collegiate  Wrestling Champion, 1968  
  • World Champion in Wrestling, 1971  
  • Pan American Games Lightweight Wrestling Champion, 1971  
  • Olympic Gold Medallistin Wrestling, 1972  
  • Head Coach of U.S. OlympicWrestling Team, 1980-1984  
  • Head Coach of University of Iowa Wrestling Team, 1986