The 25th episode of the series Meditation-Silence, including an exercises about meditating on the heart and a short meditation by Sri Chinmoy.

When you meditate feel that you are a child, standing in a flower garden. This flower garden is your heart. A child can play in a garden for hours. He will go from this flower to that flower, but will not leave the garden, because he will get joy from the beauty and fragrance of each flower. Feel that inside you is a garden and you can stay in it for as long as you want. In this way you can meditate on the heart.

– Sri Chinmoy, Wings of Joy

The meditation sequence shows Sri Chinmoy meditating during a concert in Panajachel, at Lake Atatlan in Guatemala.

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Produced and filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland
Narration: Kanan Roberts
Music: “Flute Music for Meditation” © Sri Chinmoy