This is the 34th episode of the series “Meditation-Silence” which focuses on the power of meditation. It also includes a meditation video of Sri Chinmoy, taken this time during a meditation on “Aspiration-Ground” in Queens, NY with original live sound (August 1983).

Today’s quote is on “Aspiration”

“Why do we meditate? We meditate just because our life needs inspiration. Our life needs aspiration. Aspiration is to some extend a form of meditation. It is our meditation that promises to give us our realisation-tree. Today meditation plays the role of aspiration. And tomorrow meditation will play the role of realisation. The inner pilot – the Pilot-Supreme – inspires us to act and it is he who has already kept the fruit of action safe and alive of our aspiration.”

– Sri Chinmoy, from “Wings of Joy”, first published by Fireside, NY, 1997.

Produced and filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland
Narration: Kanan Roberts
Music: “Flute Music for Meditation” © Sri Chinmoy

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