An episode of Meditation-Silence featuring Sri Chinmoy and focusing on the subject of concentration.

“When we concentrate we do not allow any thought to enter into our minds, whether it is divine, earthly or heavenly, good or bad. The mind, the entire mind, hat to be focused on a particular object or subject. If you are concentrating on the petal of a flower, try to feel that only you and the petal exist, that nothing else exists in the entire world but you and the petal. You will look neither forward nor backward, upward nor inward. You will just try to pierce the object that you are focusing on with your one-pointed concentration. But this concentration is not an aggressive way of looking into a thing or entering into an object. Far from it! This concentration comes directly from the heart, or more precisely, from the soul. We call it the soul’s indomitable will, or willpower.” -Sri Chinmoy

Length: 3:30 min
Produced and filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland
Narration: Kanan Roberts
Music: “Flute Music for Meditation” © Sri Chinmoy

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