This is the 31st episode of the series Meditation-Silence which focuses on the power of early morning meditation. It also includes a meditation video of Sri Chinmoy, taken during the first Centenary Anniversary of his Mother Yogamaya.

“Early in the morning, before the sun rises, the earth-consciousness is not yet agitated. The world has not yet entered into its daily turmoil. Nature is calm and quiet and she helps us to meditate. When nature is fast asleep around us, the animal in us, our undivine nature, also falls asleep. Outer nature and the animal propensities in us go together. That is why early morning is the time when our awakened, aspiring consciousness can and should meditate in order to get the best out of meditation.”

– Sri Chinmoy
(from: Meditation: Humanity’s Race And Divinity’s Grace, Part 1,
Agni Press, 1974)

Produced and filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland
Narration: Kanan Roberts
Music: “Flute Music for Meditation” © Sri Chinmoy

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