A short video produced and edited by Utpal Marshall, including footage of Sri Chinmoy from 1979 and 1980. The video includes videos of Sri Chinmoy taking part in activities, such as an ultra distance running event.

“The footage shown in this short film was all shot by myself in 1979 and 1980.  In it Sri Chinmoy can be seen participating in some of the activities he loved best.  His was a life dedicated to serving the world and inspiring people.   For all those who were his students, both in those early years and even now after his passing, his timeless message to the world continues to be a powerful trans-formative beacon.  There is no end to our spiritual journeys, for inevitably we are all searching for inner fulfillment and continual self transcendence.

In the first part of the film he is seen running his own 47 mile race for the first time.  He would come back the following year and run this same race again, even faster.  He did not just talk about progress, he acted upon it in every way possible, and in every activity that he involved himself in.  No matter whether it was art, literature, music, or sports.   In this audio recording, made later in his life, he speaks unequivocally about this.

I am extremely grateful to share this little film with any and all who are inspired by or feel an inner connection with my spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy.”

– Utpal Marshall