During a Peace Concert in Ludwigshafen, Germany, on April 3, 1989, Sri Chinmoy gave a short talk on the meaning of happiness. 

The edited text of this talk can be found on
Sri Chinmoy, My heart’s peace-offering, Agni Press, 1994:

Happiness, happiness, happiness!

My happiness abides in my soul’s promise to God. My happiness dwells in my heart’s hope for a higher life. My happiness resides in my life’s willingness to fulfil God at every moment.

I am happy when early in the morning I place my ignorance-head at God’s Forgiveness-Feet. I am happy when early in the morning my inspiration-eye catches a glimpse of God’s Compassion-Eye. I am happy when early in the morning my aspiration-heart is blessed by my Lord’s Satisfaction-Heart.

To be happy I must not allow insincerity to stand at my mind’s door. To be happy I must not allow insecurity to stand at my heart’s door. To be happy I must not allow impurity to stand at my life’s door.

Happiness, happiness, happiness!

To be happy, every day during my meditation I send my body to enthusiasm-kindergarten, I send my vital to dynamism-elementary school, I send my mind to obedience-high school, I send my heart to surrender-college and I send my life to gratitude-university. I send the members of my earthly existence to study these divine subjects in order to make myself a perfect instrument of my Lord Supreme, for only as a perfect instrument of my Lord Supreme can I truly be happy.

To be happy, I beg and beg my Lord Supreme to grant me a will-power-sword and to make it sharper than the sharpest. With this sharper than the sharpest will-power-sword, I shall challenge the ignorance-night that has enveloped my being for thousands of years and liberate myself.

To be happy, I pray and pray soulfully to my Lord Supreme to grant me the capacity to ring the bell of His universal Peace. I also beg my Lord Supreme not to allow ignorance-titan to touch my Eternity’s dream-boat, which I have been sailing from time immemorial towards the Golden Shore of the Beyond.

My soulful God-invocation is the beginning of my happiness-peace. My sleepless self-dedication is the continuation of my happiness-journey. My unconditional God-manifestation in God’s own Way is the culmination of my happiness-perfection.

Ludwigshafen, Germany
3 April 1989

Video by Kedar Misani