In this short video, Sri Chinmoy talks about the meaning and significance of poetry. Sri Chinmoy also compares the two channels of poetry and prose.

Poetry I read to lighten my mind and enlighten my heart.

Poetry I read to sweeten my bitter mind.

Poetry I read to replace my heart’s sorrows with my soul’s ecstasy.

Poetry I read to transform my human mind-jungle into my divine heart-garden.

Poetry I read to fathom my own inner worlds and to scale my own higher worlds.

Poetry I read to see and feel Divinity’s Beauty inside the heart of humanity.

Poetry I read to watch the hide-and-seek of my heart’s tearing tears and my soul’s blossoming smiles.

– Sri Chinmoy  Poet and poetry from: Blessingful Invitations From The University-World, Agni Press, 1998

Video footage by Mridanga Spencer