The World Harmony Run, founded by Sri Chinmoy, is a global relay that seeks to promote international friendship and understanding. As a symbol of harmony, runners carry a flaming torch, passing it from hand to hand between members of thousands of local communities, travelling through over 70 nations around the globe. The World Harmony Run is a true grassroots event that touches the lives of millions of people along its route. The runners visit schools, community groups, running clubs, and local and national government organizations. At these stops they celebrate the goal of world harmony as well as recognize people in the community who work for harmony in their own special way.

This video was created in August of 2005. The American team had just finished its 50 state relay and it was at this ceremony that Sri Chinmoy gave a most significant speech about the purpose and role of the World Harmony Run. Using his own words, and a beautiful version of the theme song, this piece was put together with a blend of shots from all over the world.

There are many who helped to make this piece possible. I regret that I have not mentioned every single participant. Regardless I believe the video captures the essence of what this most unique program represents and shows that its vision and power will continue for generations.

Utpal Marshall

Producer: Payodhi Strmiska
Editor: Mario Komak
Audio recording: Kamalakanta Nieves
Musical Arrangement: Parichayaka Hammerl
Camera: Mridanga, European team